Art that reminds you the wild lives in you, as much as you live in it.

Explorer and explored, traveller and terrain - there is no denying that we don't just exist in nature, we are nature. We are rooted in earth and our soul rides on wind currents. We are made of salt water and iron and stardust. 

In times of adversity or apathy, connection to our own raw beauty and instinctual power is more vital then ever. I hope these art works become potent reminders of your own wild nature and place in our achingly beautiful and diverse universe.

'' There is peace even in the storm.'

Vincent Van Gogh

Original art works that explore the dance between darkness and light, movement and stillness, turmoil and peace as we navigate what it is to live in a world of brokenness and beauty.

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A few of my favourite originals ...

IMG_3719 - Copy




Maps of a journey taken through inner landscapes, emotional topography laid down in paint, collage and graphite.

These works speak to a more elemental part of us, the space between land and sky where we are (and always have been) authentically and naturally whole.







Hey, I'm Haley.

I make mixed media abstract art work inspired by the rich landscapes around us and within us.

Using nature as a lens to explore our human experience, I build up layers of paint, soft pastel, collage and pencil that evoke raw elements and emotions.

My hope is for my art work to be an anchor within your home for your own untamed and authentic nature - expansive and grounding at the same time.