Archival Giclee Print of
original art work

They say courage is a muscle;
well, so is self-trust.

This piece is about the untamed and potent magic that comes from not just knowing, but acting on your values.

A Huntress is an embodiment of mastery - mastery of self, and mastery of the challenges around her. She acts with agency and full trust in her capabilities. She has faced difficulties before, and she will face and overcome them again. 

She revels in the unknown, the uncharted, the wilderness, because she knows that wherever she goes she has the inner strength and knowing to always find her true way.


'Into the wilderness I go,

I will draw in my dark and my light, 

arrow knocked and steady.

I will return home wearing my strength on my shoulders, a pelt of truth;

armoured and adorned in my own sovereignty.'