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Let your instinctual creativity lead you to a wilder place.

As a teacher, parent, artist and human being what I want most is to teach myself and others how to cultivate a creator's mindset in the face of apathy and adversity by developing their creative practice.

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I make art and teach art because creativity is an antidote to powerlessness. It teaches you to show up in the face of doubt, to have the bravery to bring a vision to life, and make meaning from seemingly broken and lifeless things.

Both in my own art practice and my teaching, I have come to truly know that art making is a container for us to not only understand ourselves and the world around us, but to shape it.


It makes us powerful - and I want everyone to know their own creative power.


This web home is my attempt at sharing what I have learnt (and am still learning) about how to approach life with a creator's mindset. I hope you find something here that will kindle that spark in you too.


Mixed media abstract art inspired by our inner and outer landscapes - wild, generative, instinctual and raw.


Helping fellow art educators build an enriching and sustainable personal creative practice, despite the everyday challenges and responsibilities.

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