Meet Haley... 

I am an abstract artist in love with using mixed media. 

By day, I lead the Art + DT Department in a secondary school. Gotta love teaching teenagers.

By night, I park myself at my art desk and do my best to pull out something honest and true.

At all times, a mother to two of the most wonderful child-creatures, pagan, and ultimate hype girl for crazy and creative plans.

I believe that each individual is home to rich myths and landscapes, living out their own epic story.

I also believe that we are just tiny, fleeting specks in this grand universe we live in - one day the world will go on without us, and that's ok.

I believe in small acts of big heart.

I believe that art making gives us a space to practice being our most courageous self.

I believe that the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and the world we live in become our truth - and more importantly, we can change those stories any time we choose.

I believe we all just want to be truly seen.

I believe getting out in nature is the answer to most of life's problems. When in doubt, go outside.

I believe that cultivating a creators mindset in the face of adversity might just be the medicine this world needs right now.

I believe in the restorative power of a good takeout and belly laughs.

I believe there's some good in this world Mr Frodo. And it's worth fighting for.

I no longer believe that beauty is an ugly word.

I no longer believe that those with the loudest voices wield the most power.

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© 2020 by Haley Haberfield. 

Any artwork and images of artwork are sole property of Haley Haberfield and may not be reproduced or used for profit without the artist’s permission.