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I'm an artist and teacher who has been living and working in South East London UK since birth.


I believe cultivating a creators mindset in the face of adversity is the most vital work of our time.

I believe that art making is a training ground for showing up in the world with bravery and authenticity.

I believe in not just finding meaning in this world - but creating it for myself and others.

I believe you're here because that rings true for you too.


They say courage is a muscle. Being courageous in facing the blank page, my own insecurities and fears, and sharing my artistic voice with others - these acts have built up muscle memory for those times in my everyday life when I have been called to step up. 

I make art and teach art because creativity is an antidote to powerlessness. It teaches you to show up in the face of doubt, to have the guts to bring a vision to life, and make meaning from seemingly broken and lifeless things.

Cultivating my own artistic voice has been practice in integrity and raw vulnerability.

My art works are the evidence of this journey, maps through inner landscapes inspired by the wildhearted spirit found in nature and within each of us.I hope these art works become a part of your story, as reminders of the rich and layered landscapes within yourself, potent and waiting to be explored.

Exercising my creativity is an exercise in authoring my own story and the stories of those around me. I want others to be able to discover that for themselves too.

To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.
- Kurt Vonnegut


“It is not difficult to make things. What is difficult is to reach the place from which we can make things.”

— Brancusi, Sculptor


THINGS I LOVE (a random list)

chinese takeout, the sea, Marvel films, tarot cards, thunderstorms (especially if I can go run at the time), gaming with my husband, taking photos during golden hour, gemstones, learning about crafts I'll never have the chance to try, student banter, typologies (9w8 + INFJ right here), anything by Neil Gaiman, my kids belly laughs, His Dark Materials, lemon and sugar pancakes, singing badly and unashamedly in the car, mythology, those late autumn afternoons that smell like wood smoke and look like liquid gold.

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