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hey there, fellow wild spirit

I don't know about you, but I'm something of a shapeshifter.

I've always managed to adapt wherever I go, to whatever people or situations I find myself in. There are strengths to this - I can get along with people from all walks of life and experiences. Throw a challenge my way - watch me adapt HARD. I will bend and warp myself in impressive ways to make sure I do the best I can at whatever I care about - being a mother, a wife, a teacher, a friend or colleague. I'm also open-minded, to people, to perspectives, to possibilities. I can hold myriad views and experiences in my mind and heart, ensuring to respect and honour ALL THE THINGS.


But then sometimes, I realise I lose bits of myself in this process. When that ability to get along with everyone means I'm afraid to offend or hold boundaries. When that drive to successfully be everything to everyone means that I always put my own needs last (or not even be aware of WHAT I need anymore). When listening to and respecting all voices means not being able to distinguish my own ...

We all get lost along the way somewhere, don't we?

Art making has allowed me to tap back into the part of me that is authentically me. Underneath all the responsibilities and expectations, the daily grind and the struggle, there is a part of me that is still true and untamed. That hasn't been worn down, that is vibrant and wild and vital and free.

My creative practice feels like journeying to that wilder place within myself, and giving it form through marks and colour and materials. It is instinctual - exploring with hands and heart that create maps of internal landscapes and emotive terrain.

In all of us, there are whole wild worlds that we have forgotten, but can be found again. My dearest hope is that my art reminds you of those deeper roots within. Flawed yet fierce. Unbound and unapologetic. The wild-hearted core that continues to burn despite all the other faces you have to wear.

the straight up facts


Haley Haberfield

Hiya, I'm


I'm a mixed media abstract artist whose work is inspired by nature and personal growth. I'm a born and bred South East Londoner who has worked in secondary education for nearly 15 years now. I have the best little family made up of my husband and two hurricane children (who are spits of their parents, for better or worse). Banter, wide open sunsets and food is my love language.

I teach art and make art because I truly believe it is a training ground for becoming our most courageous selves. Art is an antidote to apathy, and teaches you to have a creators mindset in the face of adversity. And you can make a mess too. What's not to love?


things i love

chinese takeout, the sea, Marvel films (GotG + Black Panther espesh), tarot cards, drawing, lots of drawing, thunderstorms (especially if I can go run at the time), gaming and long drives with my gorgeous husband, taking photos during golden hour, gemstones, woodland walks with the kiddos,student banter, typologies (9w8 + INFJ right here), anything by Neil Gaiman, my kids belly laughs, His Dark Materials, pretend lightsaber duels, lemon and sugar pancakes, singing badly and unashamedly in the car, mythology, front room dance parties, strawberry cheesecake Haagen-Das ice-cream, those late autumn afternoons that smell like wood smoke and look like liquid gold.

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