Held By Dawn

  • 'Held By Dawn' is like morning light beginning to gently break over a deep valley, where the beauty of everything around you is intensified by the contrast of light and shadow. Your vision and spirit become dew-cleansed as the cool dark becomes tinged with suns warmth.


    This piece tells the promise of new days after darkness, but also serves to remind you of the night-stained lessons you carry forward. Life is richer for the dance between shadow and light.


    'Held by Dawn' is part of The Wayfinder Collection, a body of orginal art works that explore inner landscapes; layered, instinctual and emotive maps of wild lands that live within you.


    • 16.5" x 11.5"
    • 300gsm Somerset printmaking paper with raw edges
    • Handmade collage papers, acrylic ink, watercolour and graphite.
    • Unframed/unmounted




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    I believe all people should be able to afford beautiful, meaningful, orginal art in their homes. Payment plans are available for this art work. Please contact me at hello@haleyhaberfield.com to discuss this option.




    Thank you so much for connecting with and supporting my work, it really does mean so much to me!