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Quiet Release

  • This journey demands you lay down your heavy stories - the stories you tell yourslef that keep you trapped  in limiting beliefs and crippling cycles of self-sabotage. You need lightness in your feet and clarity in your eyes.


    Like a gentle whisper of encouragement, 'Quiet Release' asks you to surrender expectations, surrender outworn versions of yourself, surrender helplessness.. Move forward with space in your heart for little joys and seeds of new beginnings. Who knows how you will grow from here.


    'Quiet Release' is part of The Wayfinder Collection, a body of orginal art works that explore inner landscapes; layered, instinctual and emotive maps of wild lands that live within you.


    • 7.5" x 5.5"
    • 300gsm Somerset printmaking paper with raw edges
    • Handmade collage papers, acrylic ink, watercolour and graphite.
    • Unframed/unmounted




    For UK Shipping the P&P will be £3.00.
    For INTERNATIONAL Shipping, a flat rate of £12 is charged, but I will reimburse you the difference when it costs less to ship your order. You will be liable to pay for any customs charges incurred.




    Thank you so much for connecting with and supporting my work, it really does mean so much to me!

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