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Wind And Dawnlight

  • 'Wind and Dawnlight' was made to feel like fresh air blowing over sun-kissed fields, as an antidote to bone weary exhaustion and burn out. It's that deep breath you take on the way home, and you are caught off guard by how the light shines through the clouds and the honeysuckle scent on the breeze.


    This piece is a promise that you have and will survive all your hard days, and to keep expansiveness and light in your heart.


    'Wind and Dawnlight' is part of The Beautiful Chaos Collection, a body of orginal soft pastel and graphite art works that embraces the brutal and beautiful, by being courageous enough to lean in and get our hands dirty in this beautiful mess of living.


    • 10" x 10"
    • 300gsm Somerset printmaking paper with raw edges
    • Soft pigment pastels and graphite
    • Unframed/unmounted




    For UK Shipping the P&P will be £3.00.
    For INTERNATIONAL Shipping, a flat rate of £12 is charged, but I will reimburse you the difference when it costs less to ship your order. You will be liable to pay for any customs charges incurred.




    I believe all people should be able to afford beautiful, meaningful, orginal art in their homes. Payment plans are available for this art work. Please contact me at to discuss this option.




    Thank you so much for connecting with and supporting my work, it really does mean so much to me!

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