Art that reminds you the wild lives in you, as much as you live in it.

Raw, instinctual, earth-stained and soul-rich.

As a mixed media abstract artist, the process is incredibly  important to me. When I sit down to make, I know I am creating space within myself for what's honest and wildly natural, unspoiled by the stresses and obligations in my life.

What I found within is a trust in the process and myself, a freedom of spirit translated through marks, colour and texture.

The gift of these pieces for me was in the making of them. Now they are gifts to you, to bring that sense of groundedness and expansiveness into your homes.


New originals

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Explorer and explored, traveller and terrain - there is no denying that we don't just exist in nature, we are nature. We are rooted in earth and our soul rides on wind currents. We are made of salt water and iron and stardust. 

In times of adversity or apathy, connection to our own raw beauty and instinctual power is more vital then ever. I hope these art works become potent reminders of your own wild nature and place in our achingly beautiful and diverse universe.


A few favourites...

'A Place To Land,  A Place To Stand'
'A Place To Land, A Place To Stand'
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'Remember This Place'
'Remember This Place'
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'Wind and Dawnlight'
'Wind and Dawnlight'
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'There are moments that explode and become stars.'
- Octavio Paz



Wild landscapes, topography, aerial photography, Chinese landscape painting, mythology, maps, gemstones and rocks, open skies, texture, earth based spirituality, pigments, Jungian psychology, mark making, contrasting materials, storytelling. 


Hey, I'm Haley

Artist + teacher + meaning maker

For me, my creative practice has been a way to live with integrity, to declare to myself and others what I value and my own attempts to live in alignment with those values.

Each piece I make is evidence of a journey taken despite fear of judgement and rejection. Where instead I have chosen to listen to that quiet voice inside that urges me to create and share unapologetically.

I believe there is a place inside all of us that is wild and softly powerful, aching to connect with other wild places (both in the physical world, and within our own and others internal landscapes).


These art works are my attempt to do just that - to connect with all that is instinctual, generative, wildly natural and transformative.

I hope you will join me on this journey, and find something here for yourself that calls to your own wild nature, expansive and enduring as it truly is.