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I believe the art making process is a training ground for our most courageous and authentic selves.


Hey, I'm Haley

Artist + teacher + meaning maker

For me, my creative practice has been a way to live with integrity, to declare to myself and others what I value and my own attempts to live in alignment with those values.

Each piece I make is evidence of a journey taken despite fear of judgement and rejection. Where instead I have chosen to listen to that quiet voice inside that urges me to create and share unapologetically.

I believe there is a place inside all of us that is wild and softly powerful, aching to connect with other wild places (both in the physical world, and within our own and others internal landscapes).


These art works are my attempt to do just that - to connect with all that is instinctual, generative, wildly natural and transformative.

I hope you will join me on this journey, and find something here for yourself that calls to your own wild nature, expansive and enduring as it truly is.


New originals

Visit the 'Beautiful Chaos' collection

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